The following is where I stand on important topics.  If you would like to see my position on other important topics, please contact LD4C and I will add it to the list in alphabetical order.  

Stance Listed Below is as follows: 2nd Amendment, Abortion, COVID-19, Discrimination, Education, Environment, Government Accountability, Health Care, Indigenous & Native Descendants, Infrastructure, Law Enforcement, Military, Parental Rights, Religious Freedom, and Vaccine Mandates.

This stance information has been updated.

"The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

2nd Amendment

I am pro 2nd Amendment.  Every American has the right to defend themselves against any domestic or foreign threat on American soil with guns.  Every American has the right to protect their lives, or the lives of their loved ones under threat, until law enforcement arrives with guns.  Law enforcement is in place to address lawlessness.

Furthermore, I support civilian training with gun education testing endorsements on government IDs to own a gun.   Testing endorsements that cover the spectrum of gun handling and safety prior to owning a weapon would help mitigate gun violence in America.  If an individual does not pass the gun safety testing, then gun merchants could not sell guns to that individual, as the testing endorsement would not be on their government-issued ID.  Someone who passed the testing and has been endorsed would be responsible for keeping their weapons safely locked away.  

If you oppose gun education testing endorsements because you fear that some government is going to track you to take your guns, I hope you realize that when you own a cell phone, you are already easily trackable.

Abortions & Vasectomies

I am Pro-Life (Sperm & Egg) Responsibility.  I choose life and support government-funded abortions that are medically necessary only at the risk of death.  I support the right as permitted by state law.   

That said, I have also examined all facets of the abortion issue in our American society, and I have identified the 'source' of unwanted pregnancies' is sperm.  Instead of placing the burden of termination on those individuals carrying unwanted pregnancies, let's focus on the source that initiates unwanted pregnancies, which are individuals who create 'sperm' in their bodies.  Giving vasectomies as much attention & support as abortions would render Roe vs Wade moot.  

In our current society, abstaining from sexual relations that result in unwanted pregnancies is not realistic.  Therefore, I support addressing unwanted pregnancies by offering support for reversible vasectomies.  Vasectomies for sperm are extremely less invasive than the removal of fetus life from the womb.  Reversible vasectomies will eliminate the need for so many abortions, as one sperm creator can impregnate hundreds of egg-carrying individuals annually.  In the event of proven rape or incest cases, vasectomies are a medically sound option.

Having children in America is expensive.  Period.  Laws are already being introduced to force sperm creators to pay child support on prenatal care for impregnating egg carriers.   When any sperm creator is ready to take responsibility for wherever their sperm is placed, they can have their vasectomy reversed. 


I have been observing and tracking the COVID-19 pandemic since it exploded worldwide in 2020.  I have concluded that COVID-19 is one of two options.  COVID-19 is either a plague of biblical proportions and/or it is a bioweapon.   Additional information would be needed for me to pin down which option it is.  

Additional Information on COVID-19 & the COVID-19 vaccine has been received and reviewed. May the devastating consequences of this fall upon the heads of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, the American State Court Justices & Judges, America's elected officials in Congress, and America's government employees, including the CDC & FDA, as revealed on this Epoch Times video - Part 1, and Part 2, who violated the U.S. Constitution, the Religious Freedom 1st Amendment, the Alaska Constitution; and on everyone who allowed this to befall our nation on their authority and their watch, as further revealed on this video with Dr. Robert Malone and this Florida Surgeon General's letter dated Feb 2023.  Watch this video dated March 25th, 2023, "‘It’s All Being Covered Up’: Sen. Ron Johnson on Missing Batch of Fauci Emails, COVID Origins, and Silencing of the Vaccine-Injured".  April 20, 2023: CDC Director Admits Vaccinated Individuals Can Transmit COVID-19 to Others, click hereApril 28th,2023This article further proves that the consequences of the absolute belief, some Americans in positions of power and authority have, (i.e.: the American Achilles heel), have to manifest.  

May 15th, 2023:  Off the Grid with Doug & Stacy video showcasing an interview with 2024 Presidental candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  Click Here.  Listen to what Kennedy is saying and consider how Non-Nato governments implemented an Art of War Strategy:  Borrowed Sword to Strike a Blind Weakness against NATO.  Consider further how the U.S. Senate report claims COVID was released during the 2019 Military Olympics and then consider further how one particular Non-Nato country had zero COVID infections for over a year while this outbreak was in motion and killing.  Borrowing Swords with a Domino Effect.   


I am pro the Law on Discrimination. The laws state that Americans are not to discriminate based on color, gender, race, sex, national origin, religion, and/or disability.  I agree with this law and do not specifically support one group in order to exclude another.  Americans are bound to the law unless they practice lawlessness.  On this subject, there has been so much inequality in America across the spectrum, that it has led to heightened confusion, angst, mistrust, and civil unrest.  Americans who feel the brutal weight of discrimination are to be heard, respected, and not marginalized.  Likewise, healing the great rifts that discrimination has caused in America, can not be achieved in the same manner that caused the rifts between the people, to begin with.  It is that old saying, "two wrongs do not make a right."  I am a woman, adopted, of mixed heritage, with no financial portfolio, so it goes without saying that in America, I have also experienced discrimination.  That said, I am no one's victim.  I learned to mitigate discrimination in America, and I am running for Congress to help permeate light on this issue and address it.  I am not pleased with how discrimination is marginalized in America, and I aim to address this.  


I support Alaskan Parents and Teachers.  Education is important to Alaskans.  Parents and teachers are partners in our Alaskan children's education.  Unfortunately, it appears the value that parents and teachers bring to each other, on behalf of our Alaskan children, is minimized and marginalized.  I support homeschool and public school, as both establish child educational relationships of parent to teacher and teacher to parent.  There is a smorgasbord of accredited educational curriculums available for children's education.  I support the right that Alaskan parents have to choose to either homeschool or place their children in public school.  Homeschool parents can select their children's curriculum and coordinate their learning with their home school support teacher.  Public school parents can elect their school officials who plan, implement, and manage their children's education.  I support the parent, child, and teacher educational relationship by enabling plans that aid our Alaskan parents and teachers to develop their children's academic talents. 

Another thing that needs addressing is the Alaska higher education and subsequent student loans.  We have teenagers and young adults who graduate high school at 18.  Some go off to college to earn a degree in their chosen profession.  After years of college, they graduate, only to find out the landscape of their degree field has morphed.  Now the graduate has a degree in a morphed industry with an exorbitant student loan bill.  The graduates feel stuck in a profession they dislike, paying a student loan bill they dislike even more.  Likewise, due to the ever-changing economic industries, some graduates can not find work in their degree field, as they are overqualified for other fields, and yet still have to pay a student loan bill for a profession they can not even find work for.   I support free higher education being available to all Alaskans, paid for by federal funds.  College degrees are available online and/or on college campuses, for those Alaskan individuals who wish to develop their talents and earn a degree based on the merit of the graduates' talent. This will also help reveal how the Universities are doing.  I support all past student loan forgiveness.  I support Alaskans developing their talents through higher education to benefit Alaska and be competitive nationally and internationally.


I recognize, appreciate, and value the support that our planet provides to us for all of our living needs.  It is from our environment that we reap every material item we own and share.  Our environment provides us with living structures, food, medicine, clothing, happiness, disasters, and more.  The question I have is do we, as Alaskans, as Americans, truly conclude we have been good stewards of our planet's environment?  Answers will vary, however, we can all admit that all have been living on this planet since we were born, and are bound to the ruling governments, laws, regulations, policies, and procedures, regarding our planet's resources.  It is naive to think that what we do to our planet, good or bad, will not impact us all at some point.  I support respecting the planet and harvesting its resources responsibly.  I do not support any activity that places poisons into the food chain or imbalances the chain of life.  I see the poisons and imbalances happening and aim to put a stop to them.  I support funding for innovating ideas that help us take care of our environment, which in turn, takes care of us and our Alaskan families.

Government Accountability

I support an accountable and responsible government.  There are so many government agencies that are available to aid the plight of the people when citizens file complaints regarding government negligence.  Unfortunately, it appears while they are available, the reality is that a high percentage of government agencies available to the public for a redress of grievances, turn right around and aid the government agency in order to mitigate their risk. Government complaint agencies then vilify the citizen submitting the complaint, without any consideration to address the grievances of wrongs, therefore, enabling government negligence to escalate.  As a result, this leaves the people aggrieved to the point of growing civil unrest.  The government already has the time, funding, network, and resources to outspend any regular citizen's minuscule budget, which puts the citizens at a distinct disadvantage.  I support focusing on government accountability and responsibility to the people, for our well-being, and for justice.


The health of our Alaskans is vital when individuals do not feel good, are sick with dis-ease, and struggle with mental, emotional, and physical ailments.  Health impacts all spectrums and infrastructures of our society.  The systems in place to provide good health and healing have systemic flaws' that need addressing.  The solution is to make healthcare, including dental, free for all Alaskans.  I think it is beneficial for Alaskans with medical needs, to receive medical care, free of charge, from medical professionals who are talented in medicine and healing.  No one, especially pharmaceutical corporations, medical supply corporations, and medical device industries, should make a profit off of people who are sick mentally, emotionally, and physically.  This would mean supporting a holistic approach to health, incorporating a spectrum of healthy lifestyle ideas.  I support this innovative idea for the health of our Alaskan people.

Indigenous & Native Descendants

I support sustainable housing built in Alaskan villages that are in harmony with Indigenous cultures and traditions.   I support community village gardens, greenhouses, food cellars, chickens, cows, goats, and subsistence living.  I support getting to the root cause of why, both historically and currently, so many indigenous children are removed from their homes and placed in residential housing. Furthermore, I have heard that, on one hand, building road infrastructure between villages is a good idea as it would slash transportation costs on goods.  On the other hand, some villages do not want road infrastructure as it impacts the land with negative consequences.  With human creativity, ingenuity and putting our mind to it, there must be a manner to connect villages without having a negative impact on the land and animals.  I support funding to accomplish this.


Alaska has always provided infrastructure challenges due to our great size, extreme weather, and geographical challenges.   That said, those challenges have never stopped us from developing infrastructure for Alaskans in the past, and it should not stop us now.  When Alaska was driving up the national average on aircraft crash statistics, the federal government funded research, development, and implemented the aviation satellite tracking infrastructure to solve it.  We need research and development teams to develop our marine highways.  Nearly all of Alaska is surrounded by ocean water that we only use from April through September.  I support innovating solutions to open up our marine highways.   Furthermore, Alaska has a serious issue in making sure all Alaskans have drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.  I would support funding for innovating solutions to solve the lack of water infrastructure for Alaskans.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement encompasses officers, agents, and judges.  Law enforcement officials put their lives on the line every day to enforce the law, and I appreciate the difficult job they are tasked with daily.  Law enforcement implies to the people that these government employees are also bound by the law and are not manipulating the law for their cliques' agenda.  Law enforcement is a division of government that helps bring peace to the plight of the people. When law enforcement fails in its duty to protect the people from those who practice lawlessness, society as a whole will eventually fall into civil unrest.  I support funding accountability, responsibility, and community team building across Alaska so that lawlessness is on the decline in our communities, businesses, and law enforcement.


Our Armed Forces are a vital component of national security, and I support our military domestically and abroad.  Armed forces are the American warriors, who step up to the battle line, to defend our nation, and are willing to sacrifice their lives to guard the American way of life.  Enlisted men and women obey the chain of command and fulfill their assigned duties as instructed.  They adhere to the Military Code of Conduct, and I salute their valor and dedication for being willing to stand that line to protect us.  That said, I also support military accountability and responsibility to ensure the morale of our armed forces is never compromised by internal conflicts.  This is important as I have come to the conclusion that America has made enemies in foreign lands, who would love nothing more than to run tactical strategies to put America in a place of submission internationally.  Based on reports coming out publicly from the government accountability office, the armed services in February 2022 admitted that America is way behind on the artificial intelligence technology for weapons systems (AITWS), so now they are trying to 'play catch up'.  America does not have half of the AITWS that foreign governments have because we spent the bulk of our military budget on weaponry.  America has the largest weapons armory in the world, therefore, it is logical that foreign governments would not press us on that strength.  Foreign governments will press American military weaknesses, like nano AITWS and others.  I will zero in on strategic American military weak points and address them.  Weak spots in our American military 'armor' is a serious issue.   I observe the foreign government's strategic moves rolling out internationally, which will certainly impact Alaskans.   I will focus to mitigate and address this.

Parental Rights

I am pro Parental Rights.  The federal government and/or state government should stay out of parental decisions, including medical procedures.  Parents are responsible for the care and upbringing of their children.  The governments should not be using their ability to create laws to circumvent parental rights.   It appears that America's government employees and elected officials think they know better than parents in regard to what is in the best interest of children.  I completely disagree.  The reason why we currently have so much civil unrest is due to the governments interfering with parental rights by separating children from their parents either physically, medically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually using various government agencies and institutions.  

As a result, the family unit has been severely wounded in America and the State(s) are attempting to raise our children directly through their agencies and indirectly through institutions with disastrous results.  Apparently, the governments have been doing this for decades.  Our country is facing growing civil unrest from adults, who as children were traumatized by State negligence funded by federal dollars, who are now rightfully angry at the biased, discriminatory, and dangerous system put in place by the government.  Parents are angry and are made to feel helpless in dealing with the strong arm of the government which has the funding, network connections, on-staff attorneys, judges, control of the public narrative, and uses intimidation on citizens and their children.  I plan to mitigate this for Alaskan parents from the federal level.

Religious Freedom

The 1st amendment of the U. S. Constitution guarantees freedoms concerning religious expression. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual's religious practices.  I support the U. S. Constitution in its entirety and, specifically, I support religious freedoms in America.  There are so many religions and faiths in the world.  Since I was not born into a specific family religion, I enjoy exercising my American religious freedom by examining the avenues of available faiths; from Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, to Shamanism, Buddhism, Scientology, and more.  Religious freedom means that each sentient individual has the right to exercise their faith without government interference.  It also means that the government shall respect the separation of church and state, and shall not impose a particular belief system upon the people.  Religious freedom in America means that each citizen has the right to choose who they place, or do not place, their faith in.  This right should not be infringed upon.  No one selects the moment of their birth, nor do they select the moment of their death, as these are universal mysteries.  It is only when we exhale our last breath, do we all find out if our choice of religion, revealed by our conduct and words, will withstand eternity.  To each their own religious choice.  I am responsible for who I place my faith in and I choose to have faith in the Most High God.  We are all responsible for the choice we make pertaining to faith.  Choose.  So be it.  

Vaccine Mandates

Each American should have the right to choose if they believe in vaccines or do not believe in vaccines, without fear of repercussions.  This goes for the right of Americans to decide if their children should be vaccinated or not.  It was brought to my attention that the American courts have unwavering faith in vaccine concoctions.  

Now, I can only share my testimony of faith and my discovery of non-Nato strategic tactics regarding vaccines.  Read my Testimony of Faith and Discovery.

The Time of Revealing is in Motion.
So Be It.   Peace.