Trafficking is one of the four Primary Focus areas that I shall direct the full weight of my attention on, as a United States House Representative, for the great State of Alaska. 

My goal is to target the source of the issues we face today and address them by holding the agencies, bureaus, and/or administrations Responsible and Accountable for the sake of Justice for Alaskan Families! Read Below for more Information.


The most vulnerable in our state and nation are often targeted for trafficking.  Therefore, I shall focus on the trafficking of children first.  According to the National Foster Youth Institute (NFYI), over 60% of trafficked children have been involved in the Foster industry.  That means over half of the children that have been or are still in foster housing are trafficked.  This is completely unacceptable.

The government agencies responsible for creating a better life for vulnerable children, fail to do so, are negligent to a spectacular degree, and as a result, these vulnerable children end up trafficked with child exploitation on the rise in America at a growth rate never seen before.

Due to the fact that over half of the children trafficked have been involved in the foster industry, my first goal on this matter is a congressional investigation and audit into Title IV-E federal funding.  For Alaskans, this congressional investigation will also expand on the 2016 Grand Jury Investigation on the State of Alaska, Office of Children Services (OCS), brought about by former Alaska Representative, Ms. Tammie Wilson, that resulted in a report released by the Alaskan Office of Ombudsman, with no meaningful changes, responsibility, or accountability.  

As the U. S. House Representative for Alaska, I will ask Alaskan parents, grandparents, foster parents, and children who were raised in foster housing, to speak up and let their voices be heard as part of this congressional investigation. I will include Alaskan families who have experienced the impact of OCS on their lives and loved ones. I will track down just how many Alaskan children are transferred out of Alaska to foster or residential housing in other states funded by Title IV-E.  The investigation and audit will cover the percentage of children abused in biological homes versus foster housing, residential housing, and/or through adoption. 

No longer will the Alaskan indigenous, minorities, poor, disabled, good foster parents, victims of domestic violence, single parents, ex-caseworkers/whistleblowing voices of Alaskan families, impacted by government negligence, be ignored or marginalized.  It is time to investigate government negligence and elevate Alaskan Families who are rightly concerned about the high percentage of foster children that end up being trafficked.  I aim to do just that.

Enough is Enough.

April 26, 2023:  Tara Lee Rodas, the HHS whistleblower, gives her opening statement on the child migrant crisis to the House Judiciary Committee claiming the American Government is a "Middleman" in Child Trafficking.  Watch Testimony. Watch Testimony Segment 2. 

To be clear, Time will Reveal that this organized crime of trafficking children, which is set up in America, coordinates nationally across State government agencies, departments, and branches, trafficking American children as well.   

Let's gather & review national statistical data on child abuse & trafficking in government-involved housing (foster, residential, group, and adopted) vs biological homes (bloodline).   Let's get a good picture of just who is really abusing and trafficking children.  Government or Bloodline? Let's hold these individuals trafficking children fully accountable and responsible.