Homelessness is one of the four Primary Focus areas that I shall direct the full weight of my attention on, as a United States House Representative, for the great State of Alaska.

My goal is to target the source of the issues we face today and address them by holding the agencies, bureaus, and/or administrations Responsible and Accountable for the sake of Justice for Alaskan Families! Read Below for more Information.


People constantly ask how we can fix the homeless issue. As we can all see, homelessness has reached a critical juncture in Alaska, with elected officials scrambling for solutions in impacted communities. This brings the question, how precisely are the State and municipalities supposed to solve homelessness, when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a U.S. government agency "dedicated to making sure homeowners are treated fairly" by banks and mortgage service providers, are absent-mindedly providing no real help to homeowners who file complaints with the CFPB. Foreclosures by banks with unethical lending business practices provide a never-ending stream of families (men, women, children) who end up homeless.

I have identified the CFPB as one source for the homeless issues our state is facing. The CFPB making a “Joint Statement on Supervisory and Enforcement Practices Regarding the Mortgage Servicing Rules in Response to the Continuing COVID-19 Pandemic and CARES Act November 10, 2021", is not good enough when the mortgage service providers continue with malicious business practices despite the many complaints.

It is a fact that bank mortgage servicer providers are currently not treating homeowners fairly and using malicious business practices via intimidation and foreclosure. Especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is the "new norm" and many Alaskans are financially impacted. When citizens file complaints with the CFPB, the bank mortgage service provider has 15 days to reply. Once the mortgage service provider repeats a standard company line (along with a congratulatory 'self-audit' statement); CFPB immediately closes the case, providing zero real help to the homeowners who filed complaints. The most common foreclosure process is non-judicial, which means the bank can foreclose as quickly as three to nine months. There is no mediation available in Alaska.

The burden is then placed upon already struggling Alaskan homeowners who need to take time, money, and connections, to gather enough evidence to file a class action lawsuit, against the bank mortgage service providers for unfair, misleading, and unethical business practices. By then, the damage is done, and citizens have lost their homes through foreclosure, are kicked out onto the streets, and the burden to the State and municipalities is astronomical. This is unacceptable.

As the U. S. House Representative for Alaska, I will spearhead accountability and responsibility with bank mortgage service providers and address the absent-minded negligence of CFPB. I shall get to the bottom of why CFPB is providing zero real help to homeowners who file complaints, in order to fight for their right to keep their homes, when going up against malicious tactics by bank mortgage service providers. I shall take a good look at just how many Alaskan homeowners have lost their homes through foreclosure.

There are two ways to take Alaskan homes: 1) Notice/Paperwork or 2) Court/Legal Judgement. I will factor these two ways in my examination and get to the bottom of why government agencies who state their mission is to help American citizens, in reality, enable government and corporate negligence at the expense, suffering, and plight of the people. I aim to address and resolve this.

Enough is Enough.

Update as of December 2022: The CFPB fined mortgage lender, Wells Fargo, a record 3.7 Billion dollar fine for illegal activity including illegal foreclosures. Good, it is a beginning..... Click here to read the press release.