Energy is one of the four Primary Focus areas that I shall direct the full weight of my attention on, as a United States House Representative, for the great State of Alaska.

My goal is to target the source of the issues we face today and address them by holding the agencies, bureaus, and/or administrations Responsible and Accountable for the sake of Justice for Alaskan Families! Read Below for more Information.


Based on my observations regarding energy sufficiency, we appear to be in a type of energy crisis in our search for clean energy. By this, I mean we appear to be unable to mitigate our energy industry effectively, while also being conscious of the environmental impacts we as consumers create. On one hand, the pressure is to maintain the status quo so that it does not impact jobs and profit. On the other hand, the pressure is to find clean ways to maintain our energy consumption without destroying the environment, while creating jobs.

With the ingenuity of human innovations, it does not seem reasonable that we have not collectively come up with a viable source of clean energy, harnessing either the sun, wind, water, and/or earth power responsibly. Pollutants in our environment from irresponsible energy corporations eventually end up in our food chain. Factoring in the 'domino effect', those pollutants eventually are ingested by our families that, over time, impact our health. This is completely unacceptable.

As the U.S. House of Representative for Alaska, I will target and support innovating clean energy technology (that has been 'shelved' in lieu of traditional profits), undeveloped patented technology, and entrepreneurship of small energy research companies. I will support these types of energy innovations through government loans, subsidies, and grants. At the same time, I will target large corporations that knowingly put toxins, poisons, and carcinogenic materials into our environment. Large corporations have not been held fully accountable or responsible for knowingly putting their poisons in our environment, shrugging off million-dollar 'government fines' as a drop in their multi-billion dollar profit bucket. I aim to address this.

Enough is Enough.