"Some will throw accusations, saying I have an 'axe to grind'.  Not true.  For Alaskan families and for Justice,  I am 'sharpening my sword'."

Lady Donna


Please feel free to contact LD4C with any questions, comments, or any relative documents to upload using the form below.  

Please Note as of Monday, May 9th, 2022: As a judicial reform activist with the Permeating Light Project, Lady Donna discovered that it takes very little to derail and attempt to delegitimize a platform that is genuinely & sincerely trying to help Alaskan families.  In this country, we are supposed to be ‘innocent until proven guilty.’  Unfortunately, that currently is a fallacy in our nation.  To be accused and judged guilty without a presumption of innocence goes against our nation's touted laws.  These accusations become hurdles and keep the people divided.  It is not rational to have to be on ‘defense’ at every accusation that enters someone’s mind.

As a result, going forward, Lady Donna Dutchess upholds the position of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and requires any opposition to bring their evidence ‘first’ to back up their accusations. Lady Donna will then respond with her evidence. Otherwise, she will pass on by the accusation under the presumption of innocence and not address it.

In the event there are any attempts of the typical political 'character assassination' against Lady Donna, please feel free to email screenshots, photos, or documents.  LD4C will file it away in the event that it is needed in the future. 

Also, on the seventh day of every week, Lady Donna honors the Day of Rest with the Most High God, (Sabbath) and will be unavailable to the public on that day.  

Thank you!